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Aerial Photography from the GA8 Airvan

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One of the things that our Airvan does very well, is provide a stable and economical platform for aerial photography. With the huge door open in flight, with nearby seats, we are able to do aerial photography work very easily.

The Airvan provides fast transit times, long range and then can slow down for the door to be opened. With the door open and the photographer still in their seat with a three point lap/sash belt, a panorama opens up permitting photography or video work with few restrictions.

The designers intentionally placed the wing high and the stabiliser clear of the door so as to allow forklift access to the rear door - yes it will take a pallet! This is a bonus for photography as it provides a large unrestricted arc. Need an aerial photography platform - talk to us !

ABOVE: Our Airvan being used for aerial photography work

ABOVE: Our GA8 Airvan, pictured here with the door open.
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